The Goal...

Develop a youth ministry to balance . . .
winning young people to Christ
building them up in the faith and knowledge of God
equipping each young person for ministry outreach
enabling young people to develop in leadership
. . . in an environment of love, acceptance and understanding, meeting each individual at the level of growth and maturity they have reached.
Our primary goal is to care for our young people properly, through extending the love of Christ in our acceptance and concern for each individual.

The Plan

. . . fun events and times away to foster the development of an environment of acceptance
. . . within "safe" environment facilitate growth in spiritual life - - through relevant worship and discipling relationships (by example)
. . . equip youth for ministry through practical experience and mentoring
. . . youth mission trips and service opportunities
. . . involve young people in leadership responsibilities within youth ministry and through integration into church activities.

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