Gospel-centredness in every sphere of life.


Recognizing what Christ has done for us, we worship God through foundational Gospel-living*.

*By foundation Gospel living we mean a life based on our essential core values.


1. A High View of SCRIPTURE
The Word of the living God is Truth itself.  Therefore, we hold it in the highest reverence, submitting our entire lives under sound doctrine in fear of the LORD.  The primary means of life-changing discipleship within the church is the expository preaching and teaching of the Bible weekly, where the theme of the passage is the point of the sermon/Bible study.

2. A High View of the GOSPEL
The Gospel is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.  The death, resurrection, reign and return of Jesus Christ is not only the Christian Hope, it is the Christian’s daily bread. Therefore, we seek gospel-centeredness in every sphere of life.  We want every Christian to know the gospel, center their life on the Gospel, and share it openly and lovingly with others.

We are a Christian community of baptized believers in Jesus Christ joined together by common confession of faith in the Gospel, desiring to exemplify a gospel-shaped genuine love for one another. The local church should be a redeemed community that aims to serve by discipling each other through fellowship and lovingly reinforcing the Word in mutual accountability.  We seek to apply the new Gospel-life we have in Christ to the various places and phases of life we find ourselves in (Home, Work, Marriages, Relationships, Blessing and Trial).  A high view of the church includes a healthy understanding of the importance of committed formal membership in the church and a Biblical model of governance through a plurality of Elders.

4. A High View of WORSHIP {Personal & Corporate}
We value the daily exercise of worshipping God through meditative study of Scripture and prayerful application of it to our lives. We must also regularly gather as Christ’s people to worship the Lord together as we sing God’s Word, preach God’s Word, and pray God’s Word. True worship of God means continual surrender to His will and authority, seeking His glory and honour.